'It Started With a Friend Request,' book by Sudeep Nagarkar

Sudeep Nagarkar continues the legacy of writing true stories !

It was not long back when I wrote “Few things left unsaid” which took nation by a storm. It was never expected and hence the journey till “It started with a friend request” was fruitful. 

I have developed a habit of going for an outing for a week after completing my manuscript. If I hadn’t done this, ‘It started with a friend request’ would not have come into existence. In 2012, when I had completed writing “That’s the way we met” and submitted it to publishers, our entire friend circle had decided to enjoy one week in Goa. We were 6 of them out of which 3 names I would like to mention are Akash, Aleesha and Kritika who happens to be some of the characters of my third book ‘It started with a friend request’

Yes, it’s a true story of love and friendship. Akash had gone through so much in his life in early 2012 that he almost landed up in jail. But we knew he was innocent. When we were in Goa, Kritika exclaimed ‘Somebody should give serious thought of scripting our lives’ and that somebody happened to be me. Aleesha convinced me to give their life a face of a true imperfect story which was yet perfect in its own way. I was not pretty much convinced until Akash nodded his head. He had kept few conditions in front of me and I had to follow that while writing. There are certain incidents in the book which are kept hidden keeping in mind feelings of that particular person as that person is no more in this world today

We reached Mumbai and the next task in front of me was to convince Akash’s mother as she was the one who took all the decisions of Akash’s life after his father’s death. We were lucky that Kaki agreed to it and finally I sat down jotting down the incidents while listening to all of them one by one

There is no one message as such but many. The strong message that is conveyed is value friendship and value relations till they exist. We generally realize importance of even the smallest thing when it’s lost or not with us. The other important message is ‘Say no to drugs and obsession’. It can lead you to destruction. It will take every emotion to one step higher. Be it romance, humour or friendship. I believe the characters are very real as it is inspired from real life story of my friends Akash and Aleesha. Their chemistry in real life is as like any other couple. It’s not a romantic saga but a story which is happening around you. It will show that if you have a true friend when you are emotionally unstable then it really lifts your confidence. If you love someone truly and are meant to be together then even the maker can’t separate you

I promise that readers/fans will have a smile when they close the book after enjoying the ride of life. 

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  1. its gonna be best national selling novel dude... waiting for release :)

  2. same hete:-)

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